China Center for Human Capital and Labor Market Research

Established in March 2008, the China Center for Human Capital and Labor Market Research (CHLR) at the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) is an integral part of the Advantageous Program Platform in Economics and Public Policy at the CUFE. It is an international research center for the study of human resources, labor markets, and their impact on economic development, focusing on China and related economies.

The CHLR has master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral programs.Nobel Laureates Kenneth J. Arrow and James Heckman, and Professor Dale W. Jorgenson of Harvard University and the founder of the income-based method for measuring human capital, serve on the Advisory Board.

The major research areas in the Center include but are not limited to human capital accumulation, measurement, and impact; education, health and human capital; human capital, innovation, and entrepreneurship; labor market and policy; demography and social security; industrial organization.

All faculty and research fellows of the CHLR hold a Ph.D. degree in economics from major universities in North America and some are tenured professors at U.S. universities. Currently the Center has 1 “Changjiang Fellowship” Scholar, 6 full-time faculty members, 7 special-term professors, 11 senior research fellows. Among the faculty members, 7 are professors, 1 isassociate professor, and 5 are assistant professors.

The Center’s graduate programs are internationally oriented. The curriculum and instruction are rigorously designed following research universities in North America. All courses are taught in English. By 2016, 1 post-doctoral student, 4 doctoral students and 82 master students have graduated. Currently, there are 33 students: 27 master students and 6 doctoral students.

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