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(2018/9/27) Jingbo Cui: Institutional Investors and Firm’s Green Innovation

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(2018/9/27) Jingbo Cui: Institutional Investors and Firm’s Green Innovation

Title:  Institutional Investors and Firm’s Green Innovation

Speaker:Jingbo Cui
Institutional investors are one of the driving forces to promote green technological innovation. This paper explores the role of institutional investors in promoting environmental innovation at firm level, using Chinese publicly listed firms’ patent data. Some interesting results are obtained. First, the increase of institutional investors’ shareholding could significantly promote the green innovation of listed firms in the polluting industry. Second, the innovation enhancing effect is more pronounced in inducing green invention patents rather than green utility patents. Third, both domestic institutional investors and foreign institutional investors play heterogeneous roles in inducing green innovation. Lastly, but not least, some mechanisms are discussed and tested to explain why institutional holders could encourage firms to conduct innovation in environmentally related technological fields.


Cui Jingbo:Cui Jingbo, associate professor of Institute of economics and management of Wuhan University, deputy director of the Department of Mathematical Economics and Mathematical Finance, Hubei Chutian Student Talent Program. He graduated from the Economics Department of Iowa State University in June 2012 with a Ph.D. in Economics. Research direction: environmental economics, innovation, international trade.

Date: September 27th, Thursday, 2018

Time: 10:30-11:45 AM

Location: Room 608, Academic Hall, CUFE

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