Revisions and Improvements in the 2015 Report

Main revisions and improvements based on the 2014 report include:

· Human capital calculation for all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and special administrative regions (excluding Macao) has been extended to 1985-2012.

· Updating the data set of enrollment categorized by region and genderto 1985-2012.

· A new data set, China Family Panel Studies (CFPS2011), isadded to the estimation of Mincer parameters; update new macro data for provinces.Adopt the method of quadratic fit instead of linear fit.

· Recalculate the growth rate based on real income in urban and rural regions instead of using the growth rate of labor productivity.

· Estimate both national and provincial physical capital stock for 1985-2012.

· Estimate cross-provinceliving costadjustment index (purchasing power parity index) for 1985-2012. And calculate the average age of labor force, average education level and the proportion of high-school education and above to enrichthe report.

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