Revisions and Improvements in the 2016 Report

Main revisions and improvements based on the 2015 report include:

1. Updated human capital estimation to 2014

2. Calculated human capital based on six education levels for all provinces from 1985 to


3. Updated data on school enrollment by region and gender based on new data sources

   for 1985-2014.

4. Updated and unified age distribution of school enrollments at each education level.

5. Updated population estimation for 1987 and 2005 national sampling survey.

6. Unified population estimation method at the national and province level, and

   re-calculated national human capital.

7. Estimate both national and provincial physical capital stock for 1985-2014.

8. Estimate cross-province living cost adjustment index (purchasing power parity index)

   for 1985-2014.

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